The investment seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the performance of the S&P Select Sector Capped 20% Industrials TR (Net) index. The index represents the industrials sector of the S&P 500 index. All constituent securities are classified according to the Global Industry Classification Standard and maintain the same classification as that found in the parent S&P 500. The weight of each constituent security is based on its float adjusted market cap but is modified such that no constituent security has a weight over 19% of the index. The fund invests all or substantially all of the net proceeds of any issue of shares in global equities (including the constituents of the Reference Index (where appropriate)) and equity related securities, FDIs, units of other UCITS and Swaps. It may invest up to 10% of its net assets in units of other UCITS.


Valor A0YHMM
Fondsgesellschaft Invesco Investment Management
Kategorie Branchen: Industriematerialien
Währung USD
Sparplan Nein
VL-fähig? Nein
Thesaurierend/Ausschüttend Thesaurierend
Fondsmanager Not Disclosed

Aktuelle Daten

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Aktueller Rücknahmepreis 418,04
Fonds Volumen 387.189.005,79
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0,14


Auflagedatum 16.12.2009
Depotbank Northern Trust Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited
Zahlstelle Marcard, Stein & Co
Domizil Ireland
Geschäftsjahr 30.11.2020


Veränderung Vortag 3,12


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