The aim is for the investment to reflect the performance of the Markit iBoxx USD Liquid Asia ex-Japan Corporates Large Cap Investment Grade Index { {®}} (Index). The Index is designed to represent the performance of tradable debts (bonds), issued in US dollars, by companies based in Asia (excluding Japan) (such companies may be domiciled in emerging market jurisdictions). To be eligible for inclusion in the Index, the bonds must be considered high quality (investment grade) meaning bonds issued by issuers considered less likely to default on their payment obligations. Only bonds which are (i) fixed interest bonds (bonds which pay a fix interest rate); (ii) callable bonds (bonds which may be redeemed prior to the maturity date, under certain conditions), (iii) step-up bonds, (iv) event-driven bonds and (v) dated and undated fixed-to-floater hybrid bank/insurance capital bonds are eligible for inclusion in the Index.


Valor DBX0QJ
ISIN LU1409136006
Fondsgesellschaft DWS Investment (ETF)
Kategorie Anleihen Asien
Währung USD
Mindestanlage 0,00
Sparplan Nein
VL-fähig? Nein
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Fondsmanager Not Disclosed

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Aktueller Rücknahmepreis 124,65
Fondsvolumen 20.524.898,03
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0,30


Auflagedatum 02.09.2016
Depotbank State Street Bank International GmbH, Luxembourg Branch
Zahlstelle Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA
Domizil Luxembourg
Geschäftsjahr 31.12.2020


Veränderung Vortag 0,23


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