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Fonds Performance: BNP Paribas Funds Human Development Classic Distribution

Performance 1 Jahr
-0,1 %
Performance 2 Jahre
14,5 %
Performance 3 Jahre
21,1 %
Performance 5 Jahre -
Performance 10 Jahre -


So investiert der BNP Paribas Funds Human Development Classic Distribution: At all times, this sub-fund invests at least 75% of its assets in equities and/or equity equivalent securities issued by companies that conduct a significant proportion of their business in the human development thematic (companies whose products and services provide solutions to human and social challenges, including, but not limited to, poverty and access to basic needs, and the new challenges presented by an ageing population or sustainable socio-economic development and related or connected sectors) and that respect the principles of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and corporate governance as set out in the United Nations Global Compact. The remaining portion, namely a maximum of 25% of its assets may be invested in any other transferable securities, money market instruments, financial derivative instruments and/or cash, and also, within a limit of 15% of the assets, in debt securities of any kind and, within a limit of 10% of the assets, in UCITS or UCIs.

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Wichtige Kennzahlen

Fondsgesellschaft BNP Paribas Asset Management Luxembourg
Währung EUR
Ausgabeaufschlag regulär 3,00%
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 1,95%
Benchmark MSCI World NR USD
Fondsvolumen 239,70 Mio EUR
Ausschüttungsart Ausschüttend
Perf. 1 J -0,14%
Vola 1 J 15,66%
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Valor A2DF7K
ISIN LU1165136257
Name BNP Paribas Funds Human Development Classic Distribution
Fondsgesellschaft BNP Paribas Asset Management
Aufgelegt in Luxembourg
Auflagedatum 21.10.2016
Kategorie Aktien weltweit Standardwerte Blend
Währung EUR
Volumen 239.700.070,05
Depotbank BNP Paribas Securities Services (Lux)
Zahlstelle BNP Paribas Securities Services,Paris,succursale de Zurich
Fondsmanager Maria Luz Diaz Blanco, Alvaro Ruiz-navajas
Geschäftsjahresende 31.12.
Berichtsstand 23.11.2020


Ausgabeaufschlag 3,00 %
Verwaltungsgebühr %
Depotbankgebühr %
VL-fähig? Nein
Mindestanlage 0,00
Sparplan Nein
Ausschüttung Ausschüttend


Name BNP Paribas Asset Management Luxembourg
Postfach 33 rue de Gasperich, L-5826 Howald-Hesperange
PLZ L-5826
Ort Hesperange
Telefon +352 2646 3017
Fax +352 26 46 9171