The fund aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth, primarily through investment in the equity securities of companies throughout the world, including those in countries considered to be emerging markets. Investments will be linked to the theme of connectivity and will include, but are not limited to, companies that are involved in the roll out of cellular network technology, infrastructure projects related to internet connectivity (both wired and wireless), content production, streaming and consumption, mobile commerce, internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects and autonomous vehicles. The largest ten holdings/securities held in the fund’s portfolio may account for 50% or more of the fund’s Net Asset Value, resulting in a reasonably concentrated portfolio. The fund may invest its net assets directly in China A and B Shares.


ISIN LU1881514001
Fondsgesellschaft Fidelity (FIL Inv Mgmt
Kategorie Branchen: Kommunikation
Währung EUR
Mindestanlage 2.500,00
Sparplan Nein
VL-fähig? Nein
Thesaurierend/Ausschüttend Thesaurierend
Fondsmanager Sumant Wahi, Jonathan Guinness

Aktuelle Daten

Fondsnote -
Aktueller Rücknahmepreis 18,09
Fondsvolumen 224.795.051,50
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 1,95 %


Verwaltungsgebühr 1,50 %
Depotbankgebühr %
Rücknahmegebühr %
Ausgabeaufschlag 5,25 %


Auflagedatum 11.12.2018
Depotbank Brown Brothers Harriman (Lux) SCA
Zahlstelle BNP Paribas Securities Services,Paris,succursale de Zurich
Domizil Luxembourg
Geschäftsjahr 30.04.2021


Veränderung Vortag 0,18