Carmignac Honoured at the Eurohedge Award 2019 Ceremony

Carmignac Honoured at the Eurohedge Award 2019 Ceremony
17.02.2020 11:05:45

This award acknowledges the achievement of Carmignac Portfolio Unconstrained Credit, an international fixed income UCITS fund that implements credit strategies across the globe. Carmignac Portfolio Unconstrained Credit was nominated along several highly performing global UCITS fixed income funds managed by prestigious asset managers and won the award following the EuroHedge organisation methodology, which is based on quantitative criteria including return and Sharpe ratios. Launched in July 2017 and co-managed by Pierre Verlé and Alexandre Deneuville, the fund is part of the Fixed Income Unconstrained range, a key component of the Fixed Income expertise of Carmignac headed by Rose Ouahba. Hence, this flexible and opportunistic fund implements an unconstrained and conviction-driven allocation.

Our unconstrained approach is key: it is characterised by our completely non-benchmarked, active, flexible and opportunistic investment strategy, giving the fund the ability to swiftly adapt to changing scenarios. It requires a combination of numerous skills that we have in our credit team as we cover investment grade, high yield corporate bonds in developed and emerging markets as well as the structured credit universe. Being unconstrained allows us to go further when looking for performance drivers by buying out-of-the-mainstream securities where we see value.

EuroHedge Awards 2019** methodology is available on their website:

*As of today, the fund is registered in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Singapore.

** The reference to a ranking or prize, is no guarantee of the future results of the UCIS or the manager.

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