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Morgan Stanley IM: Why REITs? And Why Now?

Morgan Stanley IM: Why REITs? And Why Now?
07.07.2022 09:54:13

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are liquid, publicly-traded companies that offer investors access to high-quality commercial real estate assets with strong growth potential and the unique benefits that come with investing in real assets.

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REITs own, operate, and develop traditional commercial properties like shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes, but also more specialty properties, such as cell towers, self-storage facilities and healthcare clinics.

The listed real estate market evolves and grows with the broader needs of society and the economy—and sits at the epicenter of how people live, work, shop and communicate.

We believe there are several compelling reasons for investors to consider an allocation to REITs.

  • REITs typically generate superior yields relative to other investments
  • REITs have a history of producing attractive returns
  • REITs provide diversification benefits in a portfolio of traditional equities and bonds

REITs’ inflation-hedging characteristics also make them a particularly attractive investment opportunity today. And for those investors focused on sustainability, certain REITs invest in real estate properties that are helping to achieve carbon neutrality (...)


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